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Detroit Science Center

Automaker Toyota and the government’s Housing and Urban Development Department (HUD) have put Torrance, CA-based MediaMation, Inc. (MMI)  in the driver’s seat when it comes to systems integration, installation and other technological aspects of the new  multi-million dollar Toyota Engineering Theater (TET) attraction at the Detroit Science Center Museum.  With a vision to become the nation’s premier engineering-focused museum, the TET opened its doors in March 2009 to enthusiastic crowds, and is expected to draw an estimated 300,000 visitors annually.  The state-of-the-art, multi-purpose theater spotlights customized content -- including a combination of live actors, video and real-time animation  -- that illuminate future engineering career opportunities.  It will also be used by Toyota for car exhibitions and other promotions.

The turnkey theater’s innovative, approximately 3,500 sq. ft. circular design is outfitted with 167 of MediaMation’s highly versatile full motion 3 DOF servo X4D motion EFX seats. The seats can simulate scents, rumbles, wind, water and other sensory phenomenon, as well as having full motion capabilities to totally immerse the audience into the experience.  The TET also features four huge screens, rear projectors, lighting and live and pre-recorded sound capabilities also supplied by MMI. The various screen presentations are enhanced by the EasyBlend™ system from Scalable Displays Technologies and Dataton’s “Watchout.” This next generation of audio/video technology utilizes an automatic geometry and blending system to align colors, brighten shapes and keep images in sync.

Grand Opening Reception with Executives of Detroit Science Center, Toyota and various vendors: