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Virtual Fountain™

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Designed specifically to allow programming of musical and animated fountain shows without having to be on site, this powerful program is finding all sorts of uses. It has become an invaluable sales tool for companies looking to show their potential clients what the fountain will look like. As a design tool, you can quickly and easily move show elements around and get a feel for different color, nozzle, height, spray, lighting options, musical cues and positions all in real time. For the end user clients, you can use Virtual Fountain™ to program shows offline and receive comments and approvals prior to installing new fountain shows.

Virtual Fountain™ works with the powerful MediaMation control systems such as our MOE micro controller and our ShowFlow® high level controller. All of the parameters of Virtual Fountain™ can be controlled in real time via standard Midi commands. No special software or proprietary, hard to use, programming environments needed. However, once designed, there are a variety of interfaces to allow other control systems to interface as well, but why would anyone want to use anything else? MediaMation is also available for hire to design, build, install, and choreograph our control system and shows. We are NOT a fountain company, but work with all of the best, big and small.

  • Easy layout of individual jets as well as groups in either circles, arcs, or lines.
  • RGB lighting to simulate LED or other dimmable lights, or up to 4 On/Off lights per nozzle of the color of your choice.
  • Freely assign nozzles or groups of nozzles to pumps, each with adjustable ramp up/down time.
  • Each nozzle has the ability to sway, elevate, or rotate, together or as part of a group, all in real time.
  • The powerful 3D engine lets you "fly" around the fountain in real time. These moves can be saved as part of the program as well.
  • Realistic water flow and gravity gives Virtual Fountain™ the most realistic display of your fountain available in real time programming.
  • Test your designs, see your fountains in real time, change the parameters of each nozzle, fly around in 3D, and more.
  • Built in video rendering for your finished show as a video stream for presentation or distribution.
  • Free play-only version available so that your clients can view and interact with your fountains, shows, and designs.
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