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User programmable, stand alone, show control software that lets you design and program your entire show. Operator interface, logic flow, and hardware interfaces make programming easier than ever before!!

Most shows involve more than a simple "Start" button. Decisions about which show, when to play it, monitoring of safety inputs, interactive requirements, and logic need to be made to fully integrate a show and bring all the control, audio, video, motion, lighting, and operator interface together.

Our ShowFlow™ Programming language provides you with a single solution for your entire show. No external extensive support for built in devices such as CD, MPEG2 Video, and DVD players, as well as external devices like projectors, video, servers, Midi, DMX, and motion simulators give you unprecedented control form a single unit. Customized user screens make operator interfaces or kiosk applications easy to navigate and use.

The ShowFlow™ language acts as a "logic shell" that wraps around our ShowFlow Controller controller. Utilizing the direct analog, digital, serial, and MIDI I/O functions of the ShowFlow Controller, ShowFlow™ has complete access to all your external devices, sensors, and controls. This effectively combines your Show Control, Show Monitor and Operator Interfaces into a single unit! ShowFlow™ allows you to quickly and easily program these I/O's to operate and interact in any way you want. A VGA output and graphic user screens allow you to create custom touchscreen "Control panels" and/or interface with real consoles for easy use by even an inexperienced operator.

The element that ties everything together is the language of ShowFlow™, developed especially for handling the demands of a complex show control system. Using our ShowCase™ graphical editor, or even a simple word processor, you can customize every aspect of your show. With a simple vocabulary of less than 50 words, you can create the most sophisticated functions with ease. Unlike PLC's and other logic programming languages, ShowFlow™ was designed from the ground up for Show Control. Here are just a few of its unique features:

  • Internal CD, DVD, and MPEG2 video playback
  • Ethernet
  • Midi
  • DMX
  • Full SMPTE timecode support
  • Simultaneous playback of any number of prerecorded shows or Cue List, each with their own instructions to all I/O devices
  • Direct support for external devices such as DVD players, film projectors, Moog Motion Bases, etc.
  • Access to all HRBox functions including Universal Kinematics™ and the digital PID servo loops
  • Live video window
  • Import graphics and create "Hot Spots" on the screens for intuitive, interactive interfaces
  • Internal user variables to keep track of scores, status, position, and other data required for true interactivity.

Coupled with the built-in features of our ShowFlow Controller, ShowFlow™ can drive virtually any show of any size from one compact, rack mount unit. ShowFlow™ provides everything you need in a show control system: Synchronized operation of different devices; an easy interface for your finished products; the flexibility to improve your system in minutes instead of days; and a simple, intuitive environment for creating the brains of your show. With ShowFlow™ running things for you, you know that rampaging dinosaurs, motion bases, crowded pitch black halls, and erupting volcanoes are all doing effortlessly, exactly, what you want them to do.