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ShowFlow™ Controller

ShowFlow™ Controller is better than ever. The addition of even more I/O cards, features, and our exclusive “Universal Kinematics” puts the ShowFlow™ Controller in a class of its own!

The ShowFlow™ Controller offers precision input and output control of 12-bit analog signals on 6, 12, 16, or even 32 channels simultaneously, in addition to the monitoring and control of up to 256 digital input and output signals, multiple RS232, 422, or 485 signals, and complete real-time intuitive displays of all analog and digital I/O when connected to a standard VGA monitor.

All this is controlled by standard MIDI commands. Housed in a standard sturdy PC rack mount chassis, this intelligent control unit operates around a core of high-speed microprocessor that offers features and flexibility years ahead of the competition!



Every ShowFlow™ Controller unit incorporates standard control and safety algorithms, completely adjustable to your needs, and guaranteeing the continued well-being of your customers and equipment.   The ShowFlow™ Controller handles a wide array of digital and serial I/O cards. Opto-isolated, mechanical relays, TTL level, direct high power drive, or SSR level drive digital I/O cards are available in configurations from 24 to 128 discrete points. Every I/O point is displayed in real-time on the VGA monitor screen. Serial I/O is available as RS232, RS-422, or RS-485 with one to six individual ports.   The ShowFlow™ Controller is the only show controller with this incredible breakthrough software technology developed by MediaMation. Universal Kinematics allows extremely complicated compound analog movements to be performed with a single input command.

Imagine controlling a large dinosaur character with sliders assigned to “turn left and growl”, or “swing head, body, and neck up” rather than “head left”, “head right”, “head up”, “mouth open”, and several others needed to create such basic movement.

Or how about being able to program any motion simulator from any manufacturer with standard Pitch, Roll, Heave, etc. commands instead of individual leg actuators? What about an interactive light show where each participant affects the show based on the activities of every other participant?   We offer the ShowFlow™ Controller with many configurations to fit your show control requirements. The original 6-24 configuration of six analog voltage channels and 24 digital channels (configurable in groups of eight as either input or output) remains one of the most popular options for 6-DOF motion base simulation shows. You may have up to 32 channels of analog Ins and OUTs, and 256 digital I/O’s. We also support the “MoPro” servo and stepper motor controllers for high-powered electric actuators. If you don’t see an option that fits your needs, ask us about it. We are constantly adding support for more I/O cards.

  • Complete MIDI control of all inputs and outputs. High-resolution 6-32 channel, 12-bit analog I/O (4096 discrete voltage) and from 24 to 256 digital I/O’s.
  • Voltage output selection +/-10, +/-5, +/-2.5, +/-1.25, 0-10, 0-5.
  • RS232/422/485 communication for laser disks and other external devices.
  • Responds instantly to MIDI commands that adjust the performance of your system.
  • rack mount chassis design.
  • Guaranteed for one year and backed by swift customer support.
  • Sophisticated smoothing filters work even on high-precision electromagnetic equipment!