VR Gaming / Entertainment System

Introducing the


The latest in experiential entertainment technology



Standard / VR Gaming

Co-Op and Multi-player

The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Engaging 4d advertising

interchangeable graphics

What does the pod do?

What does it offer clients?

Watch movie trailers & game trailers

View 4D commercials

See special VR movie content

Interactive VR gaming

Multi-player gaming

Multiple advertising revenue streams

Using 6 panels of key locations

(Large HD Screen on front)

(3 lightboxes on the ring)

(3 on back gear box)

What are people saying ?

“The Pod encourages you to buy a Coke. I liked the Coke smell. I was able to experience the product.”

Coca Cola branded Pod

ITCA 2017 Event Attendee @ Pacific Theatres the Grove,  Hollywood, CA

Includes MediaMation's Flagship MX4D Seat EFX

What makes the MX4D POD the right choice?

First-of-its-kind in mixed-reality, location-based attractions

Non-stop rider activations (when brought to any event)

The Pod amassed positive media exposure during top Hollywood events

Tested and approved at a popular amusement destinations - ask us!

The Pod’s immersive experience is memorable and shareable on social media

Larger-than-life presence draws consumers to its’

6 on board branding/advertising areas

Income-generating Opportunities

Measure Your Success


Larger-than-life presence draws consumers to its’ (6 on board) branding/advertising areas




Packages available

Choose what works best for your MX4D POD

Proto-Type Design

The "Nitty-Gritty" if you would like to know more...

The latest in location-based, mixed-reality immersion branding tools

The most advanced consumer-engagement technology available - with analytics!

Measure the Pod’s advertising reach with proprietary MX4D® consumer-impression reporting

Income-generating opportunity - (6) high-visibility areas to sell advertising space on the Pod

Analytical reporting capabilities identify real-time, rider-activation status

Your content is programmed to the immersive MX4D® seat technology

The MX4D® motion EFX technology is a worldwide phenomenon in cinema

The MX4D® POD may be enjoyed by patrons of all ages - 40” or taller

Content-ready for 2D, 3D or Virtual Reality

Give us a call and stand out

amongst the marketing crowd!

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What makes the MX4D POD the right choice?

What makes the MX4D POD the right choice?

Choose what works best for your

Using panels of key locations